Monday, July 20, 2015

UC 2015 and ArcREST

The Esri User Conference has started with a flurry of great presentations on what ArcGIS Pro will bring.  The first half of Monday's Plenary showed that 3D is here and not a niche market anymore.  We live in a 3d world so it is only natural that GIS is moving in that direction.  Pro is officially released at v1.1 with a new sdk to modify the program even further.  On the web side, smart mapping was shown.  For non-cartographic folks out there this is BIG.  Mapping that helps you present data properly and logically.  Even if you design maps daily, it's nice to have smart mapping there to assist you.

On the ArcREST front, I am presenting on Tuesday @ 1230 in demo theater 11.

Hope to see you all there.