Monday, July 20, 2015

ArcREST Exciting Update

The ArcREST team or people.. released v2 final and moved v3 to the main branch on the ArcREST github page.

Why is this exciting?  We we continue to take all the feedback we get, especially the comments found here: and improve the package.

Some v3 highlights and what is coming when we finalize v3:

  • New security handling (PKI, IWA, LDAP)
  • AGOL metadata support (adding/updating, downloading, deleting)
  • Improved back end code (you won't see it, but it's there)
  • Standardized error handler
  • 10.4 support
  • Python 3 support(separate branch)
    • This will be built on top of Python 3.4+
That's some of the what's coming/what's new!

If you are going to the Esri's 2015 User Conference in San Diego, I will be presenting on ArcREST