Monday, September 19, 2016

Configuring Juypter Notebook Startup Folder

By default when you install jupyter notebook (formally iPython), the product will point to Window's My Document folder.  I find this to be less than optimal because My Documents can contain a mishmash of various documents.  To change the start up directory, there is a run time option where you can specify a folder, but that is not a permanent solution.  A better solution is to create a configuration file.

After Jupyter is installed (I used anacoda's distribution of Python 3.5), navigate to the folder containing the jupyter.exe

  1. Type the following: jupyter notebook --generate-config
  2. This will generate an entry in your user profile: ~/.jupyter
  3. Edit the file and find c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir
  4. Uncomment the entry and enter in your path
  5. Save any file changes and start jupyter

The ipython notebooks should now be saved in your new directory.