Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ArcREST - Bigger and Better

I've been working hard on ArcREST ( these days, and the package is catching on I think.  Over the last couple of months, ArcREST has been shown at both Esri's Federal Developer Summit and at the Esri Developer Summit in California.  I truly think the effort is beginning to pay off, and users are reaping the hard work put into this package.

Simply put, this is a toolbox to manage, manipulate, and control your online GIS presence.  Portal, ArcGIS Server, and ArcGIS Online can now be controlled through Python!  The modules present in the Python package are like hammers, nails, and screw drivers.  They provide the framework to do greater things.  By themselves, they do not seem like much, but together you can build your GIS house through the common scripting language of the science community.

I am constantly looking for feedback on this package, so sign up on github, and test it out with a work flow you need in these environments.  If you find a bug, have a question, or need help, please post it in the issue area of github.  

Thank you everyone!