Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Streamlining Geo-enabled Lists for SharePoint 2010

If you use ArcGIS for SharePoint you will be creating Geo-enabled Lists multiple times.  To save time and effort, create a list template so you can reuse the same basic list structure over and over again.

1. Create a new blank and custom list

2. Name the list something memorable, like geo-enabled list
3. Add your fields to geocode against
  • Example: Address,City,State,Zip_Code

4. Add a 'ShapeX' and 'ShapeY' column as numbers
5. Add a Location Column name 'Location'
  • When Creating the location column, fill out all the geocoding information
6. Attach a geocoding workflow to the list (optional)
7. Once all your columns are added, click on list settings on the ribbon

8. Click on 'save as template'

9. Enter in a template name and save the list template

The list should now appear in the list template gallery.