Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Map Scale and Resolution

When I first started using GIS, I did not program and I did not write any custom code.  I was a cartographer many years ago.  As I move on in my career I have slowly moved away from cartography, but the principles I learned in my cartography classes have been critical to my success as a developer.  When I saw this blog post it brought back a time when I use to just be a map maker (cartographer).  If you program in the GIS world, no matter if it's web, desktop, or services, you should always have a good understanding of how to present data.  Developing tools to show and analyze data is just one part of GIS, but in reality it's how you interpret/display the results that really matter.

So read up on this article because understanding Map Scale and Resolution is important to being a good GIS programmer.

I shall step off the soapbox now.