Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Joys of Installs

Today I decided to roll up my sleeves and install SharePoint 2010 beta.
First I decided that I wanted to use Windows 7 64-bit, which was a mistake. All the documents point to the fact that you can do an install on win7-64bit, but you can't. You need to alter the config.xml file.

So I alter everything, and now the setup likes it, yippee, and get the 300 prerequisites installed. (See: for pre-reqs) Now I'm ready to install SP 2010 and configure it. Oh wait, I'm not... error after error, and most of the answers are found here, because Microsoft's help is crap.

Getting sick of the errors, and a glutton for punishment, I decided to format my HD and install Windows 2008, which is the desired OS for sharepoint.

Installation was long, but it went like a breeze, and I did have one funny moment when this appeared:

Take a close look, it says the file should be less than 1 mb, but it was well over 6 mb and growing. Thanks Microsoft.

Now on to installing Silverlight and the MapIt Demo.