Friday, May 22, 2015

ArcREST - New Geoprocessing Model

Today ArcREST has a geoprocessing (GP) update.  The changes are minor, but the results are big.  The GP objects has been streamline so all the properties are the same.

Example of GPObject in Action:

import arcrest
# convert a feature class to a GPFeatureRecordSet
gpfrs = arcrest.ags.GPFeatureRecordSetLayer.fromFeatureClass(r"c:\temp\grid.gdb\sample", paramName="parameterName on GP tool")
The above code shows converting a feature class into a GPFeatureRecordSet object that can be given to a task that asks for that type of parameter.

Working with GP services is easy as well.


import arcrest
if __name__ == "__main__":
    sh = arcrest.AGSTokenSecurityHandler(username="user",
    url = "http://site:6080/arcgis/rest/services/gp/scriptmv/GPServer"
    gp = arcrest.ags.GPService(url=url,
    for task in gp.tasks:
        if == "":
            # submit the job
            job = task.submitJob(inputs=None)
            # wait till the job finishes
            while job.jobStatus != "esriJobSucceeded": pass
            # get the job results
            results = job.results # do something here.

Here we accessed a GP service and found a tool we wanted to run.  Since we are running the process async, submitJob() was used.  The function has additional options, like submitting the result via POST verse GET, etc...


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