Monday, August 11, 2014

Checkout ArcREST!

Need to work with ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Feature Services?
Tired of republishing all your data to AGOL?
Want an easier way to work with REST endpoints of ArcGIS Server using Python?

Look no further, check out ArcREST on github!

Version 1 is pretty solid, and version 2 can be downloaded on the 'dev' branch.

Get it here:


Anonymous said...

Can you please elaborate on the pecularities of using ArcREST and ArcPyHelper along with it. There is no solid content on web mentioning its usage in various scenarios

Andrew said...

I'm not familiar with arcPyHelp, but I know ArcREST. If you check out the rest of my site, you'll find various sample on how to use the package.
It basically works like this. You either use the agol package for ArcGIS Online or the ags for ArcGIS Server to use services. There is a class for each type of service. To manage the same pattern follows. The layout of the package follows the ArcGIS REST API help documentation.

Hope this helps.