Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Python for ArcGIS 10.1

At 10.1, python developers will be using Python 2.7.  This is the last 2.x release of python before moving to the Python 3.x releases.  You can find out all about python 2.7 here.


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Christoph Correia said...

Hi, I want to write a progam to calculate some morfometric and hydrological indexes of a basin using arcGIS 10.1, but I have no idea how.
How can I write a program using python, that calculates some morphometric and drainage indexes using numeric attributes in the attribute table with ArcGIS?

The data I have in my table are area and perimeter of the basin, and channel order of the watercourses (number and km of each order).

For example, I need to calculate the Relationship of bifurcation with this formula: RB=Nu/Nu+1 (Nu - considered channel order; Nu+1 - channel order immediately ) above the considered one).

So, I want to create a program that would be able to get the right value from the attribute table (in ArcGIS) and run with the formula. How can I do that?